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LUNDE, ERIC - A World of Hurt in the Kingdom of God

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hearts & Crossbone Records HCB 035
Release Year: 2011
Note: legendary radical "industrial" performer and writer from the US with a collection of live recordings & readings, also once a member of BOY DIRT CAR; extreme sound poetry & noise, on this label from Israel !! Nice priced
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"Clock says done. Time has come for the new admonishment from Eric Lunde: An inductive sound revolutionist, a founding member of the Milwaukee avant-industrial noise squad Boy Dirt Car, and an acrimonious underground writer & musician with over 40 solo releases dating back to the mid 80's.

"A World Of Hurt In The Kingdom Of God" derives its name from a series of 2-ply plastic engravings Lunde did in 2004, The original title being "A World of Hurt in the Kingdom of Gosh". It is primarily a product of the concerns Lunde still have (and expressed in his book "Prison Sex", from which the majority of the text on this album is taken from) with the latent cruelty of humans in regards to their alleged relationship with a fabricated supernatural being and how is it that religious people have to prove nothing, but the atheist ones have to prove everything.

So what's there to be found in Lundes' dragnet this time regarding these issues? A dish of sober mischief noise served cold, bubonic industrial and irate sound poetry created in the detrimental corners of the mind where the proof reproduces the intimate bonds of brutality that men create between themselves. Clock says done." [label info]


"As mentioned in Vital Weekly 795, Eric Lunde is back on track, and expanding his wings through releases on other labels, such as this one from Israel. Lunde might be seen as a noise artist, but his 'noise' extends to a lot. Music, visual arts, writing. His music isn't that of the strict harsh noise walls, but certainly loud and present. His method of creating music is not by putting on some machines and distortion boxes, but analogue transformation of sound in a rather unique way, by playing back sounds in a room and re-recording them, a lot of times. Part of this new CD is based on texts for a book 'Prison Sex', as well as the notion that 'religious people have to proof nothing, but the atheist ones have to proof everything'. Lunde's work is both noise and poetic and so much more interesting than all those HNW type of laziness that spreads like a disease. This new album is quite loud, but diverse in approach - a great work. Compared to the two CDs he released himself recently its more varied and more the classic Lunde approach. Excellent one." [FdW/Vital Weekly]