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AKATOMBO - False Positives

Format: CD + DVD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Hand-Held Recordings HHR#02
Release Year: 2012
Note: third album by this very good Scottish/Japanese project, rhythmic dubby hypno-industrial with a strong experimental note; first edition with bonus DVDR
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Is it or isnt it? Have I or havent I? Aaah, the joys of a false positive. Hence the title for this, the 3rd full-length album from Hiroshima-based, ex-pat Scotsman, Paul Thomsen Kirks AKATOMBO audio/visual extravaganza. Dark and brooding or mellifluously uplifting ? False Positives carries on the recurrent, underlying theme of urban & cultural alienation in a media-connected, (controlled?), Japanese metropolitan environment, previously presented on the critically acclaimed AKATOMBO albums, Trace Elements (SWIM ~ Records) & Unconfirmed Reports (Hand-Held Recordings).
From skimming the surface, to trawling the dank underbelly: the daily minutiae of life in a large, concrete/glass/steel Japanese metropolis is duly presented in all its garish hues and faded glories. Accessing all areas, and hopefully dispelling some Japanese urban myths along the way, False Positives, allows you, the willfully willing participant, the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself completely in a thoroughly enticing, mesmeric, 360-degree sonic adventure." [label info]