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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg163
Release Year: 2012
Note: "The engineers of DDAA are thus plasmaturgists of reality" - NEW studio material by the legendary French dadaists - here they sound much more "silent" and ambient as usually known - but still full of surprising elements (we had to think of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, etc..) lovely album !
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"We are proud to present the new album by legendary French avantgarde group DDAA. Active since 1979, they have developed their unique sound that has produced classic albums like "Ronsard", "Action and Japanese Demonstration" or more recently the collaboration "Cinq Faux Nids Six Fauz Nez" with jazz band Palo Alto. One of the longest surviving groups from the classical avantgarde. If you like Jacques Berrocal, Ghedalia Tazartes or HNAS (with whom the band have released a split 7"), you will love DDAA. But why explain a band who should be part of every record collection anyway? Go and buy DDAA. All of their records." [label info]