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Format: BOOK / DVD-R
Label & Cat.Number: INA GRM / Magison Vol. 20
Release Year: 2009
Note: nice paperback book (120 pages) around BAYLE's masterpiece "Erosphere" (1978-1980) with texts & graphics & colour photos (french only), on the DVD-R you find the music & translations of the texts into English, Portugesian, Chinese & Japanese!!
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More Info

"This is a book in French only + a DVD ROM (for Mac and Pc) around 'Erosphre' (1978-80) one of the main work from the composer of musique concrte Franois Bayle. It will present all the acousmographies from the piece and also all texts translated into English, Portugeuse, Japanese and Chinese. So you can listen, see and read !" [label info]