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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alone At Last AAL[2]
Release Year: 2012
Note: fruitful collaboration of these two sound-artists from New Zealand, also known with their projects THE DEAD C. and ESO STEEL; dynamic, demanding noise-improvisations & remixing-sculptures created on all kinds of instruments & sources.. lim. 500 very special packaging, on a new label from Moscow
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"Bruce Russell has an MA in Political Studies, and works as an information designer. He has previously worked in the field of archives management, during which time he ran the National Radio sound archive. As a sound artist Russell is known mainly for his involvement in New Zealand's longest-running improvisational 'post-rock' group, the Dead C., although he also works in the field of radiophonic composition, and records as a solo artist and with the trio A Handful of Dust. He performs with electric guitar, electronic devices and analogue tapes. Bruce also runs the internationally respected record label Corpus Hermeticum. Richard Francis (b. 1977) is representing the younger generation of NZ musicians, working mainly with electronics and noise matters. Auckland based sound artist, he is active for the last 16 years composing and improvising, releasing sound work on CD/LP, performing live concerts and producing sound installations. He uses recordings of acoustic and electronic sounds, a tone generator, analogue electronics and computer to produce sound works. He has released solo and collaborative albums on a number of international and local record labels including Korm Plastics, Monochrome Vision, Drone Records, Scarcelight, Digitalis Industries, Last Visible Dog, CPP and his own record label CMR. Recent published collaborative CDs have been with Jason Kahn (USA) and Francisco Lopez (Spain). He has performed live concerts at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Adam Art Gallery, De Affair Festival, Tuned City Festival, Issue Project Room etc. From 2003-2006 Francis co-operated ACROMA, an organization that coordinated a series of experimental music events in Auckland hosting local and visiting experimental sound artists. From 2004-2007 Francis was a member of the Alt.Music committee - New Zealands long running experimental music festival and performance series, and from 2005-06 served on the board of the Audio Foundation. This album is a collection of their collaborations in different modes. Three parts of Garage are their showcase of mail music exchange, the Undead piece is the justaposition of two solo sets from 2009, and Live is recorded during the concert at The Physics Room, Christchurch. Francis plays modular synthesizer and computer, and Russell uses guitar, tapes and clavioline (the old synthesizer like instrument invented in 1947). Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging - custom made of textured paper, assembled by hand. Different surface tones and textures available: cream, vellum, pearl, verge, diamond white etc. Comes with two photos of modern buildings, first 50 copies are signed by the artists." [label info]


"The surprise release on Alone At Last is the CD by Richard Francis and Bruce Russell. The latter one of my heroes from the New Zealand improvisation scene, and the first one a genuine nice person. Their collaborative CD sees them working in various ways. Three pieces are collaborations through mail, one piece is made out of separate solo sets being layered together and one is a real live set. On the postal pieces, Russell plays guitar and live wise he uses clavioline and tapes whereas Francis gets the credit on all tracks for computer and modular synthesizer. An excellent work here. The three postal pieces, 'Garage 1' etc, are the most noisy ones of this lot working extensively with feedback sounds and heavy oscillations from the synths. The layered solo set piece work by contrast almost as an relaxing piece of shimmering tones but together they retain some of that heavy character that the postal pieces also have. But in that piece, the taped material also plays an important role it seems - saxophones, I was thinking of? Maybe I am mistaken. These five pieces are quite distinct pieces and have that trademark of New Zealand's finest in lo-fi rock based improvisation. In a different decade this would have made a great CD on Russell's own Corpus Hermeticum label. Great CD - the best out of these first three." [FdW/Vital Weekly]