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Format: DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes Minimal Editions sme1151
Release Year: 2012
Note: audiovisual project of the hyperactive Italian psychedelic space ambience guru with (Italian, but Berlin-based) video-artist VALENTINA BESEGHER, who compounds super 8 films of his family archive with her visual footage of embalmed animals & trees....
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" 'I put a hand over roots and leafs of trees and threaded my stare in between the openings of nature, i found you and felt the beauty sliping between my fingers, why did you ask me to go? Why did you leave me alone?'
Hunt me tender" is an audiovideo project by Fabio Orsi and Valentina Besegher. The work explores with super8 and sound recordings the slow steady flow of the events, lights and shadows in everyone's life as well as a "crystallization of life", a kind of captivity of the soul into an embalmed body.
The super8 films have been taken from the family archive of the musician Fabio Orsi and edited by the visual artist Valentina Besegher, who shooted the original movies of the embalmed animals in their natural habitat, the plants and the woods. Fabio Orsi uses field recording, instruments and environmental drones." [label info]


"More music by Fabio Orsi can be found on the DVD he did with Valentine Besegher. A private document, since the original footage hails from the family archive of Orsi and were shot on 8mm. She did a slight treatment to the films, but it shows us plants, animals and family life. Orsi provides a sound track of field recordings, environmental drones and instruments. It sounds like an organ drone being treated in the beginning, but switches over to the most percussive bit I have yet encountered from Orsi after ten or minutes in order to move back into more atmospheric drones as the piece evolves. Altogether its quite a diverse piece of music, of nice atmospheric music and likewise filmic material. Pretty dark at that too. Nice one." [FdW/Vital Weekly]