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IF, BWANA / DAN WARBURTON - I am sitting in Phil Niblock's Kitchen

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Monotype Records mono042
Release Year: 2011
Note: very conceptual sound-work by DAN WARBURTON, who time-stretched about 100 IF, BWANA pieces to exactly 45 minutes for a live performance and mixed them simultaneously; later IF,BWANA added a WARBURTON piece that was processed the same way... -> very dense & droney stuff with thousands of tiny micro-details in the soundstream !
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"Dan Warburton: subbass piano, Bwana remix & post-production. Al Margolis: post-post-production, passing traffic, kitchen noises. Mastered by Tom Hamilton. About the CD : 'To prepare for our concert at De Witte Zaal in Ghent, Belgium, on April 4th 2008 - a triple bill with Mecha Orga and Illusion of Safety organised by Esther Venrooy and Han van den Hoof - I took all the Al Margolis / If, Bwana CDs in my record collection, loaded them into the computer and timestretched each piece to last precisely 45 minutes that being the projected duration of our set), ending up with about 100 tracks of dense sludge which I systematically decanted and edited into a single span of music. Al Margolis then made the final mix the day before the gig by playing it back in the kitchen at Phill Niblock's apartment in Ghent - hence the title of the work, which refers not only to Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting In A Room, of course, but also to my own remix collaboration with Alan Courtis and Roberto Conlazo, I am not sitting in a room with Reynols (Absurd 43, 2004) - recording the ambient sounds of the space and passing traffic along with it. In concert he added live electronics and clarinet while I played violin. For this version, he repaid the compliment by adding a timestretched and pitchshifted piano piece of mine, Speed Study I (from Guy Livingston's Don't Panic: 60 Seconds for Piano, Wergo WER 6649-2, 2001). Anyone familiar with that work is highly unlikely to recognise it played 45 times slower, but you certainly feel it at times.' Dan Warburton" [label info]


"A curious mixture between a taped composition and improvisation. The taped composition is a piece of music that Dan Warburton created using all the CDs he had from Al Margolis, stretching everything out to last 45 minutes - the duration of the concert. This lead to about 100 tracks, which played together, made a 'sludge' (Warburton's words, not mine), which Al Margolis then mixed, while sitting in the Kitchen of Phill Niblock (hence the title, also a nod to Alvin Lucier's piece, but that otherwise has nothing to do with this). Margolis also slowed down a minute piano piece by Warburton. That's the basis of this recording and if the 'sludge' is not enough, during the concert, Margolis played clarinet and live electronics, while Warburton played violin. So you see, like Zabelka, a cross-over between improvisation, composed music and electronics. But I must admit I liked this one more than the Zabelka disc. The sheer, closed
density of the recordings, in which he hear lots of sound action, blurry and sound debris like, along with the scraping of violin and occasional clarinet sounds make up a surprising fine disc. A rarity in the world of improvised music to have something that has a similar density. Excellent stuff." [FdW/Vital Weekly]