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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Herbal Records HERBAL1004
Release Year: 2010
Note: very abstract musique concrete piece of CORDIER using percussion sounds from MURAYAMA and lots of field recordings from Japan, along with electronic sounds... very strange & idiosyncratic soundart !
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"Audio CD, 6 panels digipak. 'Nuit' was composed in 2007-2008 as requested by Seijiro Murayama. He invited me to compose for him a 'piece mixte', where his percussion was back to back to a tape. As he is Japanese, I was inspired to compose around a series of recordings done in Japan the year before. However, the piece evolved from a simple composition to a performance where I asked Seijiro, beyond playing only percussion, to add to it various live actions such as the use of voice, breath, bubbling sounds, movement in space and working with lights and shadow theater. During the show, I was also involved in the actions such as painting with fire and moving the microphone to create a close and distant effect on the sound. The field recording for the composition was done between july-august 2006, mainly in Honshu, Aomori Prefecture with the help of Satoko Fujimoto and her family. In order of appearance: Rice field with buffalo frogs in Kanedate Kizukuri, bird in a forest on Hokkaido island, firework at Goshogawara City, cicadas at Iwaki Mountain, announcement to 'be careful with fire' in Kanedate, ritual in the Bodaiji Temple in Osorezan, and a toy-windmill nearby, bell of the Kanedata Temple, drumming on iron protections against the snow along the road. The tape uses some French recordings too, on part 4 : Olivier Maurel and Georges at Observatoire Astronomique de Haute Provence 2006 (F 04, Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire), Brotone Forest (F 76) Sep. 1993, and (p. 5) Chinese New Year festival in Paris Feb. 2008. And thanks to Thierry Madiot and Vincent Vantalon for some samples of their instruments. 'Nuit' has been premiered the 25th April 2008 at Le Compa (Agriculture Museum Pont de Mainvillers - 28000 Chartres) during Festival, RME, Rencontres Musiques Electroacoustiques de Chartres, curated by Shoп Lorillard and Cecile Pennetier." [Eric Cordier]


"The subtitle for this release could have been 'music for tape and percussion', in a good modern classical sense and of course its the player who asks the composer to prepare a tape, in this case Seijiro Murayama asking Eric Cordier for a tape to be used in a live performance. It's not just percussion sounds to be used, but also voice, breathing, moving around in space and Cordier moving around with a microphone and painting with fire. Cordier's tape is made of field recordings, mainly from Japan, but also France - both the home countries from the artists involved. It takes a while before realizing that it actually involves percussion in this piece (which consists of five parts). Now of course Murayama is the kind of player who easily extends beyond the ordinary playing of percussion, so it might very well be that his sounds are there from the beginning. By the time we come to the fifth part the role of the percussion becomes much clearer, and even seems to be part of the tape - or perhaps not? That's the kind of illusions that I like. What is what here? Where ends the field recording, what makes up the sound of percussion. That's the sort of questions raised by this fascinating disc. An excellent interplay of both ends meeting up. Sometimes the sounds stand firmly by themselves - the chirping of insects, the rolling of a snare drum - but they also grow towards eachother and then seems to melt together - the audio illusion in full force. Moving from introspective moments at the start towards heavily treated material towards the end - a journey no doubt. An excellent disc of electro-acoustic music, improvised music and field recordings presented as one finished unity. Excellent. Oops, I said that already." [FdW/Vital Weekly]