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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tourette Records tourette 024
Release Year: 2011
Note: lim. 300, second part of the "We Dream in Colour" series; spoken words by LITTLE ANNIE over subtle drones & piano.. haunting stuff ! YELLOW vinyl
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"In Vital Weekly 788 we reviewed the first 7" in a series of seven, all held in Greece, curated by six d.o.g.s (www.sixdogs.gr) and Angelos Petroutsas (Prince of Poverty). Each 7" deals with a color, the was silver by Cindytalk, and now its yellow, the turn of Coh. He choose yellow since Olaf Bender, his boss at Rastermusic, once referred to his music as warm yellow. He could in help from Annie Anxiety, or Little Annie as she is called now, with whom he collaborated on 'Vox Tinnitus', which was not reviewed in Vital Weekly. She wrote a text in which she referred to the "rather famous and somewhat controversial Swedish film from 1967 called I Am Curious (Yellow)" and sings this. Coh adds piano, or so that is what he leads us to believe. Annie more recites her text than actually singing it, with that very characteristic voice. There are also bits of electronics, but Coh uses it quite sparsely. Sine wave like sounds mingling with the piano and Annie's voice make this a very pastoral
piece of music. To stay along with his 'Vox Tinnitus' release, Coh reworks on the other side a track from that release, throwing in new bits that come from his work with Eel. The voice snippets deal with a sense of decay, just like yellow leaves from autumn trees, but has a remarkable light touch, again due to the piano. A bit short perhaps, but a mighty fine 7".
[FdW/Vital Weekly]