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ILITCH - Un Jour come tant d'autres

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-lactam Ring Records mt272
Release Year: 2011
Note: unreleased studio & live album from 1975 by this French experimental Kraut/Cosmic/Electronic act, has been compared to CONRAD SCHNITZLER, ASH RA TEMPLE and IGOR WAKHEVITCH; long spacious pieces with incredible electronic sounds & effects !!
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"This is an unreleased album from 1975 of studio/live material! Dieu has smiled upon us, for a previously shelved early album (1975) by Ilitch finally has its jour in the soleil. Thierry Mller's strange musical arc is further enriched and confounded by this exploratory cosmic release. A brilliant mix of Krauty space groans and experimentalism (see also Conrad Schnitzler and Ash Ra Temple, etc) and the progressive electronics of Igor Wakhevitch. There is some psych in the folds, and the album is tripped-out all over. Full of small sounds underneath mystical and shimmering beds of loping electronic waves. It sounds like it was made three galaxies over (isn't that where France is?). 6 tracks of deep galactics (or is it a journey through another planet's Hell?). One person's Enfer is another's Ciel." [label info]