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SGHOR - Reversed and uneasy old Variations in minor Scale (Ellhox Ollva Ell Ellentre Visjoux Drones)

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACR 1004
Release Year: 2011
Note: melancholic / dark ambient project from Poland, to discover
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"Expanding Attenuation Circuits roster of drone ambient artists, Polish project Sghor creates melancholic ambiences of slowly shifting harmonic layers, with occasional explorations into quickly pulsating loops. While labelmates Mystified and Sustained Development rely more on the overtones of acoustic materials, Sghor makes extensive use of synthesised sounds and electric buzzing to create spacious aural environments.
Although Sghors music is often labelled as dark ambient, the music on this album is not as uneasy as the title may suggest, but does in fact offer rather tranquil soundscapes reminiscent of Krautrock acts such as Harmonia, atmospheric black metal, and near-silent lowercase frequency manipulations. The title of the album hints at the fact that most of the recorded material was reversed and otherwise processed. Occasionally, little keyboard figures emerge from the oceanic undulation of the drone sound like vaguely familiar shapes at a distance. Sghor started releasing CDs in 2004 and has also recorded more noise-oriented material." [label info]