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Format: 3 x CD-R & object
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit / Limited Edition Series ACL 1008
Release Year: 2011
Note: new project of Y-TON-G (once a half of the almost legendary PARA-NOISE TERMINAL from Hamburg) and his wife KLIMPERLISE, forming atmospheric sculptures out of metallic & ringing sounds & drones & loops, all immersed in a large reverberating space; lots of unidentifiable "small sounds" in an aural contention; very nice and showing a real development into new areas of sound...; this is the special lim. ed. with bonus CDR in handpainted big CD-bag, lim. 50 !!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €19.00

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"Named after their homebase in the North German village of Preetz, Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor is a duo consisting of Y-Ton-G (metal objects, synthesizer, gadgets) and Klimperlise (laptop, gadgets). The three half-hour tracks of this multiple album bring together many of the signature sounds that have shaped Y-Ton-Gs work as an industrial ambient solo artist since the 1990s: small sounds magnified by piezo microphones, digital glitches, and engine-room field recordings with a spacious feel hardly ever found in pure electronica.

While the use of metal objects in Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor is clearly indebted to the tradition of percussion-based acts such as Zev or Einstrzende Neubauten, they convincingly show that metal percussion in post-industrial music cannot only be used as a noise work-out, but also as a means of building up an atmosphere of subtle tension. However, a clear preference for rhythmic elements (as opposed to more random clicks and cuts) makes itself felt again and again throughout the development of the tracks. Distinct loop-based beats repeatedly emerge from processed field recordings and transform a soundscape otherwise reminiscent of vintage GRM-style musique concrte into something that for brief moments may almost resemble techno, or at least IDM. The strong presence of sounding objects in the sonic laboratory of these recordings also gives the album a strong sound art feel which makes it possible to approach the insect or bird-like sonic events like sounds emanating from an installation art piece, or to listen to the unfolding of these long tracks as radio dramas without words taking listeners through imaginary science-fiction landscapes." [label info]