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DEEP - If you drive a Traktor

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit / Limited Edition Series ACL 1006
Release Year: 2011
Note: the long active DEEP (working with 2 bass-guitars mainly) from Augsburg, Germany, are finally back with a nice album ranging from ambient atmospheres through harmonic structures to earthy drone-metal spheres... much more refined and experimental as years before, recommended ! Lim. 100, special cover
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"With a line-up consisting basically of two bass guitars and effects, Deep have been extending the textural and compositional vocabulary of the rock bass guitar for the past 15 years. In the two instrumental tracks (30 and 15 minutes) of this album, they are at the height of the powers. They manage to combine driving indie-rock flavoured riffs with walls of sound reminiscent of Earth or Sunn O))) to create ambient atmospheres but still retaining a sense of groove.

Although Deep sometimes use distorted power chords and bowed drones in some places to pile up static walls of sound, for the most part the album has a definite mid to uptempo groove. However, through quasi-mantric repetition of the chords and layering of the two bass parts, the feel conveyed by the music is not speed, but rather a soothing, trance-like quality that is always based on subtle melodic lines indicative of the fact that earlier Deep releases, mainly featured on the bands own Dhyana Records label, have proven them capable of writing compelling indie rock songs (complete with vocals) in the vein of Dinosaur Jr or Notwist. This album is co-released on Attenuation Circuit and Dhyana Records in tribute to the ground-breaking work of Dhyana Records for the formation of the experimental music network that now supports Attenuation Circuit." [label info]


"Another trio of releases on Attenuation Circuit, although the first one is a co-release with Dhyana Records - hence a somewhat different package. Deep is a duo and consists of two bass players, Stefan Vetter and Bernd Spring. No doubt there is a string of sound effects attached to the bass guitars. One long, thirty minute track and one that lasts half of that. Now with a band name such as Deep and with two bass guitars and effects, you could expect that this is all about deep ambient music, but that's not the primary interest of Deep. At times, many of them, Deep is more interested in playing rock like structures, less drums, not as much melody, but also with a certain groove going round. But the length of the pieces adds a long duration to both pieces and one could say that this adds to a more drone like character of the pieces. Think of a more mellow version of Earth and you have Deep. Minimalist avant-rock. Very nice." [FdW/VitalWeekly]