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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACC 1004
Release Year: 2011
Note: recording of a 45 min live-improvisation (Zürich 2011); working together with visual artist EAZY on the theme of "metamorphosis"
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"This live performance from the ‘Elektromagnetischer Sommer’ 2011 festival in Zurich features prepared guitar player Gerhard Zander and ‘musicien concrète’ EMERGE, on samplers and contact microphones, both interacting with the visual cues from Eazy’s live processing of abstract images on the theme of metamorphosis (‘Verwandlung’), an extract of which can be seen in the sleeve art. The 45-minute set is dominated by gently droning ambient textures and looped chords in unhurried pulses while a constant interplay with metallic, rather high-pitched samples originating from guitar and electric bass, but sometimes more reminiscent of saxophones, manages to sustain interest throughout.

Formed in 2010 by audio and video artists from Augsburg and Zurich, ‘The Audiovisual Collective’ has since developed towards an ever closer integration of the sounds that are used to communicate a sonic counterpart to the images projected during their performances. With lots of reverb and effects used on the prepared electric guitar, which is frequently played with an e-bow, thus losing its typical ‘plucked’ character, its texture often resembles the droning quality of the time-stretched samples. In turn, EMERGE adds live signals to his mix of samples, picked up through contact microphones and subjected to various forms of live processing. Its idiosyncratic mix of what could be described, depending on the listener’s preference, as aqueous 1960s sci-fi movie sounds or vintage Pierre Henry with mandala-like tranquillity, plus the occasional exhilarating outburst of semi-noisy hyperactivity towards the end, maintains harmonic structures throughout and thus makes for an accessible introduction to the world of free electroacoustic improvisation that still contains lots of interesting details for experts in that field." [label info]