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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACC 1001
Release Year: 2011
Note: project of EMERGE, GERHARD ZANDER, and EAZY; documents a live performance of two long improvisations from June 2011 in Augsburg - manipulated sounds of breathing, pure e-bow guitar-notes, machine-like samples, deep metal drones, processed percussion sounds... nice interactions, all in crystal clear quality; comes in DVD slimcase with colourful transculent cover
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"Documenting the sonic side of two audiovisual live performances on the subject of contemplation (Betrachtung), the two 22-minute tracks on this album are remarkably different in character. EMERGEs samples of breathing sounds, extremely processed, and Gerhard Zanders prepared electric guitars alternate between near-Cagean intervals of silence, while the second set is a closely interwoven dialogue between percussive sounds and soothing harmonic drones.

The Audiovisual Collective is an outfit with members from Zurich and Augsburg founded in 2010. While the number of players and the instruments they use may vary, the concept that unites their live improvisations treats the visuals not as an ornamental backdrop for the musical performance, but a visual cue for the sound players to interact with. For Betrachtung, the image of a human eye depicted on the album cover was treated to a range of live manipulations, instigating live processing of the samples and guitar sounds. While both of the recorded sets display an astonishing range of textures and timbres given the minimalistic choice of source sounds, each track exemplifies a different approach to free improvisation. Track 1 is a series of isolated events creating an unresolved tension between them that keeps the listener in suspense until the very last minute. Much less noisy than track 1, track 2 starts out by defining a clear division of roles between the percussive samples and the harmonic, if not melodic, soothing drones of the e-bowed guitar. The ensuing closely-knit dialogic interplay between the two audible players EMERGE and Zander is a fine testimony to the degree of intensity that can be reached in spontaneous musical communication." [label info]