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LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Untitled (2009)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Baskaru karu:20
Release Year: 2011
Note: 14 shorter new tracks by LOPEZ ranging from 2 to 20 minutes using unusual sounds & highly suspenseful electro-drones built as usual from field recordings, great mutations & transformations into unknown areas; definitely one of the best LOPEZ albums we know !!
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"Francisco Lpez, the undisputed master of aural mystification, is best known for using time, silence, and sound to confound our perception of reality through large-scale works. However, occasionally, he also revels in shorter forms. A rare case in his impressive discography, the 2-CD set untitled (2009) features 14 sound art compositions ranging from two to twenty minutes.

In the course of these two hours of music, Lpez performs one magic trick after another: are these really snores prominently featured in untitled #220 and untitled #239, or are they more trivial sound sources, devilishly transformed? What is real, and what is masqueraded, transmuted? Can we believe our ears at all?

And beyond this mystification layer hides an in-depth research on aural aesthetics, a finely developed approach to sound, philosophy, and sound ecology. A great traveler, Lpez is using materials recorded all around the globe.

Internationally recognized as a leading figure in field recording, sound art, and experimental music, Francisco Lpez has assembled a major discography, both in terms of size and influence. His concerts and sound installations often invite listeners to reprogram the way they listen. The double CD set untitled (2009) is his second release on Baskaru, following HB, his collaboration with Lawrence English." [label info]


"Every now and then, Francisco Lopez, known for his many releases and his many concerts, compiles a double CD with assorted pieces from one year, given to compilations in that specific year and which saves die-hard Lopez money to buy all those individual compilations (and thus missing out other great music). This particular collection has a bunch from 2009, but I believe this is not complete and may contain pieces that were created for special occasions and were previous unreleased. The sparse liner notes details such things as sound sources used such as places like the Brazilian Amazon and Namib Desert, but also sound material by Phill Niblock and Rutger Zuydervelt/Mariska Baars and the snoring of people in the opening piece 'Untitled 220', it doesn't list however where these pieces were released or if they are unreleased. I must say I like collections like this, even for me, with a trained Lopez ear. It sums up the various interests he has in working with 'sound matter' as he calls it, and the brief character of some of these pieces (from just under three minutes to twenty minutes) is quite nice. These pieces show his recent interest in computer processing of sound matter, long form sound pieces and collage like pieces. If Lopez is a name you come across a lot, but you never heard his music, then this double CD is a good place to start your research." [FdW/Vital Weekly]