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Format: BOOK / 2 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: +3dB Records +DB006
Release Year: 2009
Note: beautiful art-book with full colour pics of the Norwegian spring and field recording based pieces from NATASHA BARRETT, MARC BEHRENS, STEVE RODEN, CHRIS WATSON, JANA WINDEREN & BJARNE KVINNSLAND, who were touring through Norway in spring 2007 and created basic material for the SLEPPET sound art exhibition in Bergen; presented here are new versions of these works
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"Natasha Barrett, Marc Behrens, Bjarne Kvinnsland, Steve Roden, Chris Watson and Jana Winderen. Six artists toured western Norway in april and may 2007, to experience and record its nature and rural culture. The itinerary included the small town of Sandane, the Jostedal glacier, Utvr - Norways westernmost island and the fjord city of Bergen. The works created out of the sonic input from this tour made out the components of Sleppet - a sound art exhibition curated by Jrgen Larsson and presented by Grieg07, Lydgalleriet, Galleri 3.14 and Ultima. +3dB records is proud to present a series of works based on the materials from Sleppet. 'in my art I could not help but search for a way to express the wild music of the ocean's roar, - but alas, in vain. I felt most deeply the impossibility of conveying that mighty chord in music. There was in that rushing and roaring something so infinite that it seemed presumptuous to dwell even for a moment on the idea of being able to reproduce it. Nonetheless I found some comfort in that it is the artist's responsibility not to convey its material effect, but the reflection of the emotions it awakens; if this is done with genius then the impression can be equally divine despite the lack of the mass effect which is nature's own.' Edvard Grieg." [label info]