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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg153
Release Year: 2011
Note: re-issue of the very first album (recorded 1982; LP on Flowmotion) by these UK industrial pioneers, influenced heavily by German Krautrock and Electronica... re-mastered version 2011, for the first time on CD !
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"A Dissembly is the legendary first album by UK Industrial pioneers Konstruktivists. Heavily influenced by German music, the band recorded an album that is hard to classify. Krautrock meets Electronica, the Kon trademark sound is appearing for the first time. Never before available on proper CD, we bring you this classic with three bonus tracks from the same era. The album was recorded in 1982 with band members Glenn Wallis, Dave Kenny, Dave Rouse, Adrian Grover and Martha. Carefully remastered in 2011 to bring maximum audio pleasure to your ears." [label info]


"There are a handful of purposeful mispellings of this project's moniker. For the sake of simplicity, we'll just go with the spelling on the cover. Konstruktivist was essentially the solo project of Glenn M. Wallis, who had been affiliated with Throbbing Gristle as something of a bouncer / heavy, given the rather suitable title in some texts as their "control agent." Would you really think that Genesis P-Orridge could take and/or throw a punch? No, Glenn Wallis did that for TG. After their mission was terminated in 1980, he began to explore the darker regions of electronic music and deconstructed minimal wave under those variously spelled Konstruktivist recordings, as well as maintaining an artistic relationship with Chris & Cosey and moonlighting as one of the revolving door members for Whitehouse on stage and on record. A languid synth melody introduces the record with a deathly pall resembling that of a Tibetan thighbone horn (whose eerie bleats graced Lustmord's Heresy album), that slides into a deliciously turgid piece of DIY garage-electronica for creeping drum machine and distorted basslines sounding like those great tracks by Cabaret Voltaire from way back when. A slippery piece of step sequenced synths on "Karnage" much more of a darkly kosmische vibe taking up the sci-fi electronica of Conrad Schniztler. The plodding "Karnal" follows the murky, abstractions that TG created with a distant, heavy drum machine, atonal guitar formations, and subliminally suggestive media collages. Wallis mostly fashioned his disenchanting rhythms and electronics to be instrumental, and when vocals did creep into the mix they tended toward a bleak monotone. The three bonus tracks on this cd seamlessly blend into the dour, DIY electronics of the original album; but sadly this cd reissue is also limited, to just 300 copies." [Aquarius Records]