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PETIT, PHILIPPE - Henry: The Iron Man

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Aagoo Records AGO 030
Release Year: 2011
Note: vinyl-version of PHILIPPE PETITs first full album, a dark filmic droney soundtrack based on found sounds, inspired by a dream "that Shinya Tsukamoto was working on a blurred remake of Eraserhead, and in the dream, Petit knew that he was to score the soundtrack of Henrys mutation into an Iron Man"
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"I first head Philippe Petit's Henry the Iron Man on WFMU in March of 2010 while driving through the meadowlands on the New Jersey Turnpike. The air was freezing and the sky a depressing cement gray. The music perfectly matched the frozen, decimated landscape. Then, as I took the exit ramp to the even more decrepit route 1 &9, the mood shifted, and I was lifted out of the darkness. Some sort of transformation was taking place, and the bleak numbness of winter soon gave way to hope and the strange feeling that Philippe and I would work together soon.

Fast forward to December 2010. Philip was now on Aagoo records and I was playing the test pressings of Henry. The same surprise and wonder that I had felt on the New Jersey Turnpike surfaced once again. Where do the manipulations start and stop? Is that popping sound Philippe's tweaking or dust on my cartridge? I was left guessing whether to approve the tests or not; and for me, this uncertainty is part of the pleasure of hearing the record.

Philippes work on vinyl informs both his creative process and the final product itself. He captures the accidents caused by vinyl manipulations and shapes them into sonic sculpturescreating order from a sum of circumstantial parts. The physical texture of the vinyl album also gradually changes over time. With each repeated listening, Philippes album gathers the patina of age. The cracklings become warmer, the sounds become altered, and the albums identity evolves with every revolution of the plastic disc. My guess is even if your turntable is falling apart this record will be fun to play." [label info]