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SEETYCA - Bleakscapes

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Essentia Mundi EM018
Release Year: 2011
Note: finally a proper CD-album by this German dark / deep / cosmic ambient artist known from the Drone Records 7"; extreme vast spaces, emotional drones, interesting sounds, perfectly arranged! Recommended for any dark ambient lover ! Lim. 300 copies!
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"Everyone into dark ambient should be already familiar with Seetyca project from Germany. Bleakscapes full-length is an incredible dark journey, it consists in 77 minutes of drones, minimal dark ambient sound pleasures for the ear and mind.

bleakscapes was conceived and recorded in winter and spring 2010 @ mbira v.06. seetyca plays e-maschinen, samplers, bells, flutes. artin mucht plays synth. etheocles stevens provides voices & string samples, recorded with the oregon origo string quartet. mixed and mastered by seetyca & artin mucht. Additional artwork and final mastering by C." [label info & credits]


"Back in Vital Weekly 549 we reviewed a triple CD set 'Nekton Falls', with twenty six pieces by as many people working, loosely, with field recordings. That project was organized by Seetyca, with whom I seem to have lost contact a bit over the years, but a recent e-mail exchange lead to him sending his latest work and probably my first proper introduction into his music. He has worked in ambient and experimental music since 1994 and besides his solo music he is also active with groups like vzusdw, Circle Of Pines, Postmoderne Phonombel, Origami Nalebariska and moedra and has been involved in some eighty releases, sometimes on his own Mbira label. On his own he plays 'e-maschinen, samplers, bells and flutes', while receiving help on synth, voices and string samples from others. Despite the title this is not as bleak as one would expect, deepscapes would have probably been a better title, as these seven, mostly, lengthy excursions are in the world of deep atmospheric ambient music. The final piece is the shortest and the most experimental, with a cluster of organ sounds but very much in the digital field - bleak perhaps indeed. In the six other pieces Seetyca keeps himself in control within the tight (?) rules of deep ambient music: long sustaining sounds, effectively more so by the use of reverb, to generate that necessary feel of atmosphere, dislocated bell and flute sounds. While the early autumn sun truly blazes outside, this is might not be the perfect soundtrack for such circumstances. I guess this nocturnal work is more suited for late night listening. Perhaps in its genre not the most original album, but then: what is these days? On the other hand, purely looking from the point of musical content, this is really a great album. Refined, contemplative and rich in sound." [FdW, Vital Weekly]