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GRIM - Vital 1983-89

Format: 3 x LP-Box
Label & Cat.Number: Vinyl-On-Demand VOD92
Release Year: 2011
Note: collection of early releases by this uncategorizable Japanese noise / experimental / folk-project; re-issue of a rare MC (1986), a 7" (1985) & LP (1986) and other rare single tracks. Feat. TOMOSADA KUWABARA who became later well known as VASILISK! Numbered ed. 600 copies, inlay, certificate
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €60.00

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"GRIM is an absolutely amazing, almost skizophrenic and obscure power-electronics and noise-one-man project of Jun Konagaya.

Juns sound change its mood and athmosphere in seconds. From extreme harsh and hard power electronic noise-walls to ingenious folk-songs and tunes as you know it from Charles Manson.

In the very early 80s Jun formed White Hospital together with Tomosada Kuwabara. They released one album called "Holocaust" in 1984 and split.

At that time Jun had already released the Vital Tape with his project GRIM. Kuwuhara moved on to form Vasilisk while Jun continued as GRIM releasing one Lp, 12 and 7 as well as contributing to several compilations during the 80s." [label info]