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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes cd 201128
Release Year: 2011
Note: the new (?) project of STEFANO GENTILE (the man behind SILENTES) and GIANLUCA FAVARON, who create their very own kind of widely approached flowing experimental ambience using many different sound-sources from electronics to pure field recordings, always with on brain-half in dreamlands... very much recommended !!
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"This is the first split work between UNDER THE SNOW and various artists/friends. Nearly an hour of suggestive "border" music, equally divided between the relaxing and ambient atmospheres contaminated with experimental elements created by Enrico Coniglio, and the low-fi/rough sounds and atmopheres crafted by Under the Snow (Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron) - not so different but with a more dramatic, tense and hypnotic doom - built on deep drones stratifications, often hard and cutting, with a wide collection of noises, electronic hassles, ununderstandable wispherings, concrete moments... A perfect join-venture, a mix among two different music projects that gather coherence and inspiration to "sustain" a split album that showcases a not to be missed fusion of styles among the involved artists, oriented on parallel patterns, clearly increasing the value of their own personal and somehow different sonic directions." [label info]