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EMERGE - Canvas

Format: mCDR-box
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1001
Release Year: 2011
Note: very different live-version (recorded at a painting exhibition) of this piece based on sampled sounds from paint brushes & other painting tools; comes in mini DVD-box!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.50

More Info

"This live performance by EMERGE was given in the context of a painting exhibition and creates a dynamic set ranging from metallic percussion, rumbling drones, and sometimes sursprisingly groovy loops. All sounds are created from sampled noises made by paintbrushes and other painting tools.

The live performance was recorded on the finishing night of the exhibition hrbar in Farbe (audible in colour). The CD accompanying the exhibition, also released by Attenuation Circuit (ACS 1001), contains a studio version of Canvas. Although the live improvisation uses sounds from the same source as the studio recording sounds created by one of the exhibiting painters using brushes, glasses, canvas, cardboard, and other materials , the two versions are very different in terms of their compositional structure and sonic textures because the samples were treated to a wide range of live manipulations in performance." [label info]


"A few weeks ago we had three limited CDs by Attenuation Circuit with handpainted CD bags, now we have a trio of 3"CDR from the label. The first is by Emerge and has a live recording from earlier this year. It was part of an exhibition in which Emerge also took part, and for which they created a studio version of 'Canvas'. On the last night of the exhibition they used the sound sources from 'Canvas' to create a live version. All of the sounds 'are created from sampled noises made by paintbrushes and other painting tools', which is very nice, since I would have never guessed this. It sounds rather like metallic objects being tossed around and played with, almost percussive. Sometimes a bit stuck in a loop, sometimes seemingly more improvised. Nice sort of organic ambient like ritual music but also a bit too long I guess and perhaps that works best only in a live context." [FdW/Vital Weekly]