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BAKER, AIDAN - Noise of Silence

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Essence Music ESS015
Release Year: 2011
Note: re-issue of deleted CDR from 2007; one of his true experimental masterpieces, much more noisy & overwhelming as usual, with endless cascades of echo-sounds... highly recommended !! comes in oversized gatefold cover, very nice designed
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"A single, spontaneously composed, yet
majestically structured 50 minute opus of
swirling processed guitars, tape loops and noise bursts. Fear-inspiring in essence, the album slowly builds up a suffocating and trance
inducing atmosphere around fragmented subliminal messages from a suicidal voice. Definitely not your typical dose of gentle and dreamy Baker solo.

Released in 2007 as a very limited edition CDR,
Noise Of Silence is one of our top favorite
Bakers lost gems that truly deserved a special treatment.

Fully revised and remastered by James Plotkin.
Beautiful 5-color printing on a custom 6-panel packaging." [label info]


"From the ever prolific musician Aidan Baker comes another release, and again (?) its a re-issue of a limited run CDR, this one from 2007. Its a single piece of music, spanning almost fifty minutes. Its also a narrative piece, since it deals with the voice of Romeo Daillaire, a Canadian general who was head of the UN troops in Rwanda, trying to stop the genocide. Ultimately, when back in Canada, he suffered from post-traumatic stress and attempted suicide in 2000. The word 'suicide', whispered, lingers throughout this piece. Baker adds guitar and tape loops and creates a haunting piece of drone music. The album is remastered by James Plotkin, who brings out even more depth (I should think) than the original, which I haven't heard. Baker around with many layers of guitar sounds, looping them around and generating largely a sort of organ like drone, that works its way up and up until say the thirty minute mark and then slowly goes down and down, all with that whispering set of voices. Towards the end (the last eight minutes), the voice changes from whispering the word 'suicide' to something which I couldn't understand either, 'evil' and 'I became suicidal' pops up every now and then, but which adds to the drama of the whole piece. Like said, a narrative piece of music of an utter dramatic impact. Frightening, sad and beautiful. One of his best releases I heard!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]