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FERRARI, LUC - Cycle des Souvenirs

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Blue Chopsticks BC8
Release Year: 2002
Note: sound and image installation for 6 CD-players and 5 video projectors, a late FERRARI piece combining all of his previous concepts to one all-embracing multimedia-piece ! Incl. 12 page booklet with liner notes by DAVID GRUBBS
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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CYCLE DES SOUVENIRS ist eine Klang- und Bild-Installation des spten FERRARI fr 6 CD-Player und 4 Video-Projektoren. Er fasst hier mehrere von ihm selbst entwickelte Techniken zusammen. Elektronische Klnge, Field Recordings, umgarnende Frauenstimmen, Instrumentalklnge, vermhlen sich wieder auf FERRARIs unnachahmliche Art zu komplexen akustischen Engrammen.

First ever release of a large scale electroacoustic piece five years in the making that revisits numerous periods from Ferrari's five decades of work. From the composer's liner notes: "I have been composing a new series of works under the general title Exploitation des Concepts. The point is to take concepts I have been experimenting with throughout my entire life as a composer, and to put them to use in every possible direction: in instrumental as well as electroacoustic music, in video, in multimedia installation, in new technologies as well as old ones.... These Exploitations go in all directions: the Tautology, superimposed cycles, the minimalism of the Presque Rien series, architectures of chance, anecdote, narrative, everyday sounds, arte povera . . . souvenirs . . . etc. -- all these concepts that have always preoccupied me but which until now I hadn't really exploited. So we find images of my childhood, my street, my subway; places I passed through and which struck me enough to record them, certain villages in Italy or the sea in Portugal; of my present, too: workplaces, my souvenirs, my house. The Cycle des Souvenirs also means that all the elements are structured in cycles which, when superimposed, produce chance encounters. [Luc Ferrari.] [press release]