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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Behind S.R.B. 1-1
Release Year: 2010
Note: LARSEN with the help of DAVID TIBET (voice), BABY DEE, JULIA KENT & JOHANN JOHANNSON; live-recording made in Torino Sept. 2006, lim. ed. 333 copies, incl. nice booklet
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"David Michael Tibet: vocals
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: guitar, electric viola
Jhann Jhannsson: electric organ, laptop
Baby Dee: harp, piano
Julia Kent: cello
Marco "il Bue" Schiavo: drums, glokenspiel
Paolo Dellapiana: electronics, accordion, shruti-box, theremin
Roberto Maria Clemente: guitar

Larsen & Friends ABECEDA captures an extremely special evening for Larsen, one that places them in a perfect visual and musical perspective revealing more an a little about this enigmatic quartet from Torino Italy.
For one night only Larsen assembled their closest musical friends to play to a sold out crowd at the Teatro Colosseo in Torino Italy. The purpose of the performance was to pay tribute to the work of Czech avant garde designer, typographer, founder of Devestil and cultural radicalist Karel Teige and his Abeceda a 1926 collaboration with poet Vitoslav Nezva which minimalised text down to its basic components establishing a poetic dialogue between text and images.
To Abeceda Larsen brings their minimalist beauty and melody with this live performance incorporating music, dance and projections. With Larsen are their close musical friends David Tibet (Current 93), Baby Dee ( Current 93 member and acclaimed solo performer), Julia Kent (Larsen/Antony & The Johnsons)Johann Johannsson (Touch/4AD) The music swells in gentle pulses of soflty stated melody. Emotion clings to each note while glistening shimmers of electonics dance quietly in the mix.
The DVD reminds us of what a rich visual experience Abeceda was and is. As The Wire so perfectly put it in a extensive write up of the evening, David Tibet's performance Provides a vital link between the music and the visuals... At one point he connects beautifully connects perfectly with the dancer, breathing deeply into the microphone in time with her movements. Visual projections, created by Bellissimo, portray a woman in a 20's style bathing suit, much like Teige's original work, portraying letters of the alphabet which slowly become obscure by Teige's brilliant typography.
Thanks to Larsen's discipline and their kindred visual and musical collaborators. Abeceda is an event of great subtlety and complexity. It is truly a gift that this performance was so perfectly documented in both an audio and visual format. Where the work of Karel Teige was a tremendous gift for the eyes, Larsen & Friend's Abeceda is a gift for both the eyes and the ears.
Hats off to Bellissimo, the design team responsible for Larsen's distinctive packaging, for putting the finishing touches on a perfect evening and a perfect package." [label info]