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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Psych.KG 037
Release Year: 2011
Note: PSYCH.KG makes it possible: Japan noise & German esoteric ambience combined on one split-LP, with covers handpainted by handicapped children! Lim. 100, only very few in stock, second part in the "A-Childs-Color-Play" series (first was by RAPOON / RELAPXYCH.0 - still available last copies!)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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" 2 Track 12 , mehr als 40 Minuten Musikgenuss, Mathias Grassow & Tomas Weiss mit einem New Age / Ambient Track, der seinesgleichen sucht, die Ruhe pur, mit sehr ruhiger Bewegung, ein Track zum meditieren, relaxen, bevor man aus allen schnen Trumen gerissen wird und Dissecting Table (Ichiro Tsuji) uns an den Alltagswahn erinnert, meines Erachtens die komplexeste Noise Granate, die je Dissecting Table hervorgebracht hat, brachial und kompromisslos.
Diese LP ist nun der lang erwartete Zweite Teil, der A-Childs-Color-Play Serie, diesmal limitiert auf 100 Exemplare mit Insert und kommt im handbemalten Coversleeve heraus, gemalt haben Kinder und Jugendlich mit
einer Geistigen Behinderung, an den Covern kann man erkennen, das es Ihnen Spa gemacht haben muss, viele sehr schne Motive, verstndliches und unverstndliches, aber mit viel Phantasie wird man auch das eine oder andere verstehen knnen.
Wie auch bei dem ersten Teil, geht ein Teil des Preises der LP an die Cover-Knstler." [label info]


" 'Plus - Minus' is the title of the composition by Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss on this record. It might have been the title of the entire record, as things are very opposite. I have a certain weakness for the music of Dissecting Table, simply because one of the first CDs I ever bought as a young man was by Dissecting Table. It was a time when it was hard to get 'my kind of music' on CD. Not that I kept up with subsequent releases very much, of which some of the more recent is a bit too noisy (or ordinary noise) for my taste, but on 'Sky' it seems that Dissecting Table pulls back gear a bit, and not just works with noise, but glides back down and let sound effects run their course and die out, before starting up again. Its actually quite a nice piece of solid noise. The piece on the other side is something else. Both Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss are known to be players from the world of drone music, and that's exactly what they set out to do here. What ties in noise and drone, is that both ends of the musical spectrum don't seem to have many new developments in recent years. Just as noise is perhaps so much as it is, drone is no different. What Grassow and Weiss do here is what they have been doing for years. That again is no problem, and knowing myself to love drones more than noise - these days - I think this a wonderful side, in which time doesn't seem to be moving. Excellent. The cover of these records, which come in an edition of 100 copies, are 'designed' (drawn is perhaps the word) by a child with a mental handicap. I have no idea what the bigger idea behind that is." [FdW/Vital Weekly]