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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ohm Records 0.8 ohm
Release Year: 2010
Note: strong industrial / experimental compilation with intense tracks based entirely on the human voice of ELLEN AAGAARD: KK.NULL, WILT, BAND OF PAIN, KOBI, FREDRIK NESS SEVENDAL, CHAOS AS SHELTER, MOURMANSK 150, OLE MELBY, PAL ASLE PETTERSEN, V.V. (VEN VOISEY), R/A/A/N. The material was collected already in 2001, but is finally released only now in 2010 !
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More Info

"An international compilation digipack-CD featuring KK NULL, Wilt, John Wiese, Band Of Pain and many more.
All tracks made from the same sound material
- the voice of Ellen Aagaard

Cover by Lasse Marhaug
In 2001 we sent out the following invitation:
OHM Records invite all sound-manipulators to contribute to an upcoming compilation CD. This CD will feature tracks all based on the same source sounds (a female vocalist).
* Only use the source sounds
* Sound-manipulations of any kind is allowed
* Only the material that we find to be interesting/enjoyable will be released.
* The end result should be somewhere in the broad category of "experimental music" (Electro acoustic, Musique Concrete, Soundscapes, Cut-Ups, Noise, Power Electronics, or something else..).
After 9 years, the end result is finally released.... " [label info]