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RAPOON - Media Studies

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Aquarellist aquarel 17-11
Release Year: 2011
Note: RAPOON exploring new conceptual & acoustic paths, MEDIA STUDIES is a work about mass media's mind manipulation & propaganda; lim. 500 with two colour postcards
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"New album is dedicated to the research of mass medias manipulation of peoples minds. "These recordings include the voice of David Icke. They reflect on the role of the media in shaping and informing opinions (the war in Iraq for example showed the shameless use of the media by a government intent on war whatever the real facts were) and in furthering prejudices and persecution of those who have differing views and dare to express them .
In 1991 Icke was "interviewed " on a well known prime time chat show with the sole purpose of public humiliation for "entertainment " value.
There are many instances of the use of media for manipulation and propaganda and many have succumbed to the pressures when the media has been directed against them by malevolent forces (Dr David Kelly , UN weapons inspector in Iraq)
The words of David Icke are used here in a benign and impartial way,. Whatever your views about the thoughts of the man you have to admire his tenacity against the odds."
Robin Storey
CD, ltd. 500 in 4-panel digipack with two cards" [label info]


"Robin Storey, once a member of Zoviet*France, uses electronics - cheap in the beginning, but no doubt more sophisticated now - to create music that is part rooted in drone music and part in (pseudo) ethnic music. When I heard Rapoon more often I had particular favorites - 'Fallen Gods' was a stand out work I think - but my heart remained with the zoviet*france, old and new. On 'Media Studies' he uses a lot of sampled voices from various media sources. In the opening track 'TW Is A ****' this is set to a bit of ambient house like keyboards and makes a fine beginning of the CD. 'Raggazine' is a nice track too, but with 'News Georgia' things fail a bit: too easy sampling of too lo-fi drum machine. Its followed by the long 'The Vital Idiot' (hopefully he didn't think of us), which is an ambient piece, harking back to the old days of zoviet*france ('Just An Illusion'). 'New Pearl Harbour' is more like early Rapoon while 'Talkin' Cant Hear You' is again like old ambient house, while 'Survey The World' is a fine closing piece of more moody electronics. A pretty varied CD in all, quite entertaining and even when the amount of TV snippets is quite a lot, it doesn't stand in the way of some fine music. Its supportive of the music, rather than the other way around. Very nice indeed." [FdW/Vital Weekly]