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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U06
Release Year: 2011
Note: sixth release in the great CD-series by MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places"; Volume 6 presents this Argentinian composer with field recording beauties based on material made at two Ecological Parks in Mexico & Argentina; lim. / numb. 250 copies
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"U N F A T H O M L E S S
a thematic ltd series focusing primarily on phonographies reflecting the spirit of a specific place crowded with memories, its aura & resonances and our intimate interaction with it

Juan Jos Calarco | aguatierra
Aguatierra is about creating an undefined territory, where traces of one place reconstruct the other. A flow from which the discontinuities of time and space try to create a continuous narrative through the wandering into two landscapes of artificial islands. Considering them both delineated by their irregularities, my main approach was about exploring through their variances, generating a reflection of each other : the ecological park of Xochimilco, located within Mxico City, is somehow defined by the coexistence of a very traditional place (the large series of canals which are remains of the Chinampas agricultural practice) with the semi-urban morphology of fences, metal structures and large lumber. Called garden of flowers and nevertheless immersed in the urban and environmental degradation, these islands preserve a rich heritage of myths and rituals.

Whilst Reserve Otamendi, at the valley of Ro Lujn in Argentina, can be really described as a reversed interrelationship of the built environment and nature ; an abrupt myriad of small canals and marshes form themselves between the landslide of a railway bridge and the surrounding waters ; grown from the margins of their spatial context, they extend as a vast wetland threatened by abandon, predation and recurrent fires.

So, I worked from the similarities on the sound contents of both places, treating them as a whole but also focusing on their landmarks, to mirror each other, juxtapose and merge them. Wanting to draw indeed a blurred but tangible, non-territorial geography. (Juan Jos Calarco)

cd ltd to 250 copies hand numbered copies
cover design + treatments by Daniel Crokaert
based exclusively on photos by Juan Jos Calarco." [full label info]