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Format: BOOK/ 2 x 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Tonefloat TF100
Release Year: 2011
Note: jubilee-release presenting the history of this Dutch label in a beautifully designed 108-page hardcover book showing the full discography, cover pictures, background-infos, etc.. plus two 10" vinyls with exclusive collab-material by DIRK SERRIES (FEAR FALLS BURNING), STEVEN WILSON (BASS COMMUNION), THEO TRAVIS, PETER VAN VLIET, MOONSWIFT, SAND SNOWMAN, MAARTEN VAN DER VLEUTEN. Limited ed. & soon to be rare !
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"in the rotterdam home of tonefloat, 100th anniversaries are typically referred to as 'seeing methuselah'. you can be sure, however, that when the corks are unscrewed on february 27th at the release party for tf100, the label won't show any signs of turning into an old man. if anything, this celebratory publication proves that over the past fourteen years, tonefloat may have gone through many different stages, but has always foremost done things their own way. the one hundred first entries in the catalogue include curious little items such as the tonefloat website (tf006), a t-shirt (tf025), an album of acoustic pink floyd covers which got lost when the pc containing the master crashed (tf017) and even a long stretch of silence (tf015) - the years between 2000 and 2004, in which not a single new album was added to the discography. most of all, they include a lot of alluring music by strikingly creative personalities who've always understood that releasing lavish vinyl editions was never a retro trend or a temporary fad, but all about treating music with respect and as a form of art.

this celebratory package not only reflects these aspects by going back in time, but also points towards the future. on the one hand, a 108-page hardcover book tells the tonefloat story from the very first release Ц the use of ashes' moongarden - to recent full-lengths by artists like astralasia, anja garbarek, microphonics, theo travis & robert fripp, porcupine tree and no man, covering a period in which the music industry as a whole underwent massive changes. on the other hand, the real core of the tf100 set are the two 10inches of exclusive material, which have been carefully included in the book Ц friends of the luxurious insurgentes vinyl set will know what to expect. to mark the occasion, the leading artists on tonefloat have teamed up in various constellations and in promptu line-ups. tf100 now includes collaborations between, among others, steven wilson, theo travis and sand snowman and a duo between dirk serries and maarten van der vleuten. these contributions depict the full range of musical emotions which have come to define the label's eclectic yet recognisable voice, from eleven-minute folk-epic 'song for john fahey' by wilson and sand snowman to the barely two and a half minute short quirky techno of peter van vliet's 'through the eyes of the duck'. there's nothing nostalgic about this music at all - some of these tunes could even get metusaleh dancing.

tf100 will be available in an initial run of 700 copies (of which 500 are on sale) as a deluxe hardback and cloth-bound 11x11inch 108-page book, containg the 7-track album over two 10inches. the official release date for the album is february 27, 2011, and is available from the tonefloat store. pre-orders will be shipped on march 1, and the album will be available on the tonefloat festival."