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D'INCISE - Arpenter

Format: mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm72
Release Year: 2011
Note: known from the LP on Ini.Itu, this project from Switzerland collects field recordings & transforms them into magic breathing clouds of drones... definitely to discover !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €5.00

More Info

"...after a recent lp on ini.itu, a cd on audiotong and various netreleases on test tube or resting bell, geneva-based sound artist d'incise proposes a release based on recordings collected in poland and portugal. the two tracks mix those found sounds and electroacoustic recordings with drones for captivating soundscapes..." [label info]


"D'Incise from Geneva is quite active these days, following his AudioTong CD and LP on Ini.Itu. Here he offers two pieces based on field recordings. The first piece has sound recorded in an abandoned hospital in Chrzanow, Poland and the second in Lisbon, Portugal. Two pieces of deep end rumbling from the world of electro-acoustic music. High and mighty in the world of soundscaping these two pieces. Not presented in the form of cut-up sounds, but long form drone-like affairs. Excellently produced with lots depth and imagination. Hard to say what was actually captured on tape, I must say, although in the title piece we may or may not recognize some sort of respirator." [FdW/Vital Weekly]