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IMPLODES - Black Earth

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kranky KRANK156
Release Year: 2011
Note: dark & emotional "shoegazing" drone full of distorted & beautiful guitars, reminds on FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, BELONG, BOWERY ELECTRIC, BAILTER SPACE, AIDAN BAKER, etc..
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"Black Earth is a haunted and magical place. There's an old barn there with many rooms and a silo that's filled with dead insects. Outside there's a big wood pile filled with spider webs that probably has black widows living in it. There are mysterious plants growing everywhere. At night, when the air is crisp and clean, you can lie on your back by the fire and look up at the stars and listen to the animals and insects making their music. A trip to Black Earth could change you forever and you may want to never leave. Implodes has been to Black Earth and they made an album in its honor, dark and murky music for that dark and murky place. Cavernous guitar tones and dense melodies are present everywhere. Hidden beneath the layers of reverb, delay and distortion are deceptively simple and beautiful songs about experiences that have been obscured for many years that suddenly become profoundly important. The cobwebs just needed to be pushed aside a bit. Implodes is a Chicago quartet that has coalesced around guitarists Matt Jencik and Ken Camden in the last few years, with the group settling on their current lineup in 2009." [label info]