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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ocora C 561060
Release Year: 2008
Note: 12 pieces recorded 1994 by the amazing female folk- & Sufi-singer, who sings the classical "Ferghana-Tashkent" style with a very ornamental & unique vocal-technique; comes with extensive booklet in French & English
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"For thousands of years, Central Asia has been a cradle of civilization in which various nations -- Persians, Greeks, Turks and Huns, among others -- gave rise to prestigious cultures. Monjt Yultchieva is unquestionably one of the great voices of Central Asia today. Following on her recent and highly-acclaimed performance at the WOMAD festival, this is a timely re-release of recordings made in her homeland 1994 (originally released as Ocora 560060). On this CD, Yultchieva sings classical pieces in the Ferghna-Tashkent vocal style, which is very ornate and highly refined." [label info]