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LUNAR ABYSS AS BOEVYE CIKADY - Golden Dissociative Trip

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Biosonar^Labirint 015
Release Year: 2010
Note: selected unpublished early material - very weird organic sounds & pulses from the Russian project, "dedicated to dissociative & deprivated states of mind"; lovely handmade cover with sticked photos and handwritten notes, each one unique! Iim. ed. 91 copies (numbered)
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €11.00

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"The album is dedicated to dissociative and deprivated states of mind. Details and phenomena of the world loose interdimensional links and here comes the dissociative meeting of a mirror and it's reflections. The disk contains author's early works, not previously released because of thematical correspondence, one can comprehend them as some accumulated sonic-time experience, as a guide in dissociative states, or as a poetic reflection of this theme. All these tracks sound aomewhere right in the middle of the mentione projects, and apeear to be a synthesis of two mythologies of sound. Sunny atmosphere of ultramundane experiences, vigorous wave high-tech ritual! Handmade cardboard sleeve." [press-release]