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Z'EV & CHRIS WATSON - East African Nocturne

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Atavistic ALPCD 197
Release Year: 2010
Note: first duo collaboration work of these two long active artists, using sounds of WATSONS field recordings and Z'EVs percussion... premiered Sept. 11, 2010 at South London Gallery
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"EAST AFRICAN NOCTURNE is the first duo collaboration between Chris Watson and Z'EV. Their collaborative process utilized the posting of files on Z'EV's ftp site and email discussion. The source materials for the composition were based on recordings of ambience, birds, elephants, frogs, hyenas, insects, lions and vultures captured by Watson during trips to the Serengeti National Park, Arusha, Tanzania; and recordings of Z'EV's percussion instruments produced in the crypt of Christ Church in Spitalfields. On September 11 and 12 2010 the premiere performances will occur at the South London Gallery in Camberwell; in November of 2010 the piece will be released in CD format by Atavistic Worldwide. (((nocturne: excerpted from the wikipedia entry))) In "The Night's Music" (1926), Bartók imitated the sounds of nature. It contains quiet, eerie, blurred cluster-chords and imitations of the twittering of birds and croaking of nocturnal creatures, with lonely melodies in contrasting sections." [label info]


"Den Hülleninformationen der CD gemäß ist dies eine Zusammenarbeit, die stark von Z’EV forciert wurde. Die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte bis hin zum Endpredukt werden dokumentiert; an einer Stelle heisst es als Arbeitsauftrag von Watson an Z’EV: “more percussion”. Diesem Wunsch können wir uns nur anschließen. Denn East African Nocturne ist mitnichten die Kombination von Feldgeräuschen und industrieller Perkussion. Vielmehr scheint es so, dass Z’EV die Tier und Wettersounds von Watson als Inspiration brauchte, um seine Ambitionen auf dem Gebiet der elektronischen Klangmanipulation zu befeuern. EAN klingt ambient, stimmungsvoll dicht und wird an einer Stelle zu Magie, als die Geier lustvoll über dem Aas jubilieren und sich hintergründiges Geschabe ausfächert. EAN ist aber nicht ein Experiment im Sinne einer echten Begegnung, sondern man hat hier schon den Eindruck, dass Z’EV stark auf Watson und seine Klangvorstellungen zugegangen ist. Es wird versucht, aus teilnehmender Beobachtung Musik werden zu lassen." [Zipo / Auf Abwegen]

"While one is a collaborator, the other one isn't. In a personal note that came with the first CD, Z'EV writes me that in a conversation Mister Watson had with Mister Mallinder (having not seen eachother in thirty years since the Cabaret days), it came to light that Z'EV is the first one to work with sound files handed out by Chris Watson. First on a three way disc with KK Null and now together. At the source of this lies field recordings by Watson made at Serengati National Park in Tanzania, capturing the atmosphere, birds, elephants, frogs etc and a recording made by Z'EV playing percussion in a crypt of Christ Church in Spitalfields. The cover details all the various steps taken from there to create this work, per date and per technique. We learn that time stretching was used and that quite an amount files were exchanged. This leads to this one piece of forty some minutes which has a strange character. It entirely fits the somewhat lesser known side of Z'EV is creating electronic
music rather than pure percussive music. It has a great haunting (haunted?) spooky character of loop based animal roar, birds chirping but also these ghostly sounds of sparse percussive sounds. Slowly moving backward and forward, this is a fantastic piece of soundscaping of nocturnal animal life. Obviously if you would go out the woods tonight, then you may think this is scary place. I would think so. A simple, straight forward idea, yet complex in realization. Did I say a fantastic piece already?" [FdW /Vital Weekly]