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LETHE - Catastrophe Point #7 & #8

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Invisible Birds IB003
Release Year: 2010
Note: experimental acoustic ambience in the way of HITOSHI KOJO or ORGANUM; recordings from Switzerland & Scotland, comes in handmade letterpress cover lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €16.00

More Info

"* standard edition includes:
* 3-panel letterpress sleeve by ben owen, assembled by invisible birds
* liner notes by giancarlo toniutti, letterpress printing by ben owen
* all compositions by lethe
* photos by kuwayama kiyoharu
* sleeve design by invisible birds & kuwayama kiyoharu
* letterpress printing by ben owen at middle press, brooklyn
* liner notes written and designed by giancarlo toniutti

invisible birds continues lethe's catastrophe point series with a 2cd set which includes 2 recordings in his series, one recorded in switzerland in 2004 and the other recorded in scotland in 2006. lethe's series take place in abandoned industrial sites, using drones, chains, an occasional instrument, objects
found in the space, but most importantly the resonant qualities of the space. the wire magazine explained this series "the music sounds like it's taking place in a vast, pitch black aircraft hangar of the soul".
yannick dauby said "these are kiyoharu's obsessive abstractions dealing with physical substance and volume".
the packaging for this release was done in collaboration with kiyoharu kuwayama and letterpress printer ben owen
with the hope of achieving something that reflects the beauty and intensity of the work.

lethe: [l. lēthē, a use of gr. ληθη forgetfulness, f. ληθ, ablaut-var. of λαθ, root of λανθαυεσθας to forget. in gr. ληθη is not the name of the river, though it occurs
as a personification; the river is ληθης 'water of lethe']. 1. gr. myth. a river in hades, the water of which produced, in those who drank it, forgetfullnes of the past. hence, the 'waters of oblivion', or forgetfullness of the past.
2. [?influenced by l. lēt(h)um.] death. rare.
3. atrib. and comb., as lethe-flood, lake, wharf; lethe-wards adv. (oed definition)" [label info]