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MORPHOGENESIS - Stromatolites

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Vintage Electronic Records VER 1
Release Year: 1998
Note: re-issue of the Direction Music MC from 1991, plus one live-track; impressive release by this electroacoustic improvisation-ensemble from the UK who work with all kinds of obscure object noises, feat. MICHAEL PRIME, ADAM BOHMAN, CLIVE GRAHAM, etc.. BACK IN STOCK !
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Diese Veröffentlichung der Engländer ist den "obskuren" Pionieren der elektronischen Musik gewidmet, wie BOUCOURECHLIEV, EIMERT, KYROU, DOBROWOLSKI, CARSON, J.A. RIEDL (auf Vintage Electr. sollen zukünftig Werke von diesen wiederveröffentlicht werden). 3 lange Stücke sind hier enthalten, zwei davon sind "lamination"-pieces (im Studio zusammengefügt), das dritte ein Live-Stück. Es kommen zum Einsatz: "präparierte Violine mit Objekten", Percussion, verstärkte Saiten, Wasser-maschine, Shortwave-radio, das Biofeedback lebender Pflanzen (!), Stimme, signal processing... insgesamt erinnert das an NOISE-MAKER's-FIFES, wenngleich die Kompositionen hier weniger stringent, irgendwie ausgefranster & "zufälliger" wirken.. aber nicht minder atmosphärisch & in komplexer Schönheit... BACK IN STOCK !

“...Working with an already varied palette of electronics and acoustics, Morphogenesis further process selected excerpts from their sizeable archive of session recordings to achieve a distinctive signature sound stratified, homogenized, at once warm and natural yet obviously manipulated. Stromatolites consists of two such pieces, lengthy constructions created through the lamination of material recorded during various sessions (here a reduced Morphogenesis consisting of only Sutherland, Bohman and Prime), and one minimally edited live recording from March of 98 (Dark Abyss). If I recall my paleobiology, stromatolites were Precambrian ancestors of cyanophyta (blue-green algae). We owe our every breath (yea, our very existence!) to these unicellular prokaryotes, tireless chlorophyllous dynamos which fixed nitrogen in the soil and converted the carbon-dioxide saturated atmosphere of billions of years ago into the oxygenated air essential to life. There is definitely a process of fixture and conversion occurring in Stromatolites, not just the morphogenesis the development of form and structure from which the ensemble borrows its name. Bohmans sweeping gusts and Primes convective electronic swirls and bubbling textures are materially fused with Sutherland's arrhythmic knocks, hammerings and clatterings, interacting in a manner that is not so much conversational (as it tends to be in the similar structured-improvisation of Belgium's multimedia-oriented Noise-Makers Fifes collective) as it is actively procreative...” [from a review by Gil Gershman]