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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Seven Legged Spiders & Co. SLS 02
Release Year: 2010
Note: three very free & powerful compositions by this quartet with LIMPE FUCHS playing percussion & violin; feat. also ZORO BABEL (drums), ELMA GUANTES (bass), HANS WOLF (piano); rec. at Atelier Neuaubing in 2008
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"Occhio Quartet are:
Limpe Fuchs (percussions violin)
Zoro Babel (drums)
Elmar Guantes (bass)
Hans Wolf (piano)

For more information about Occhio Quartet please visit their website: www.occhio-quartet.de" [label info]


"A few years ago the Seven Legged Spiders & Co-label surprised with the release of a solo record by Limpe Fuchs, called "Pianobody 2002". Limpe Fuchs is one of those veterans of the krautrock scene (Anima), who are still in business. The label returns now with its second release, featuring once again Limpe Fuchs. "Momente 2' is a live recording dating from 2008 by the Occhio Quartet, being: Zoro Babel (drums), Limpe Fuchs (percussion, violine), Elmar Guantes (bass) and Hans Wolf (piano). We are offered three pieces, all about 15 minutes. The players treat us on some very free and inspired improvisations. Can't tell you much about this group. Zoro Babel grew up with the music of his parents Paul and Limpe Fuchs. No wonder you can find him on some releases of Anima. I know also of a record by Markus Stockhausen he participated on. But I don't know much of his other musical whereabouts. Even less I know of Guantes and Wolf. As a quartet I suppose they spent already some time together, as their improvisations speak with a clear and distinguished voice. All members take equally part in their explorations, especially the three gentlemen. Very fresh and pronounced improvisations. The first one "11.02 bis 11.17" comes most close to jazz idiom, with exuberant playing by Babel. The second one "12.04 bis 12.28" starts with a great percussive intro by Babel and Fuchs and bass player Guantes. The piano of Wolf is dominant throughout, with classical touches especially near the end. In the third improvisation they calm down, and concentrate on small motives and simple sounds, leaving room for silence. All pieces prove that this quartet is able to really communicate through a musically interesting process." [DM/Vital Weekly]