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CHROME - Half Machine Lip Moves

Format: LP + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Lilith Records LRLP 315
Release Year: 2010
Note: re-issue of their third groundbreaking LP from 1979; industrial acid punk from outer space! has three bonus-tracks from the "Subterranean Modern" compilation (Ralph Records 1979), + bonus CD of the album
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.00

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"When Chrome first came on the SF punk scene in the late seventies, they were called “acid punk”, due to their penchant for both, but also because their music came from a “far-out” place…a place most people could only get to while in a drug-altered state. The sci-fi obsessed Creed and Edge, however, claimed to
channel their music directly from the beyond, and when 1979‟s groundbreaking Half Machine Lip Moves was released—an angular and metallic sounding album interspersed with electric violin, apocalyptic tape loops, moog, atonal droning distorted guitar and a wall of
metallic sounding percussion—it certainly sounded that way. For the next five years Creed and Edge were a force to be reckoned with, laying the groundwork for the industrial music scene and directly influencing almost every guitar-toting punk ever since. Featuring three bonus tracks--“Anti-Fade”, “I Left My Heart In
San Francisco” and “Meet You In The Subway”—which originally appeared on the “Subterranean Modern” compilation, released in 1979 on Ralph Records. The compilation featured these three tracks by Chrome, along with 3 tracks by MX-80 Sound, Tuxedomoon and 4 by The Residents." [label info]