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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ash International Ash 5.3
Release Year: 2000
Note: otherworldly drone-noise in different intensities during surrealistic / absurd performance actions; re-issue of the legendary "UGN" LP from 1986 (Radium), plus another piece from 1989 rec. for the performance MAT. Highly recommended! Last copies !
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"To celebrate the Swedish artist and composer Leif Elggren and his forthcoming retrospective exhibition at Frgfabriken, Stockholm, "Flown Over by an Old King", Ash International R.I.P. has released a compact Disc.

The intensity of the recording reflects that of the activity on stage. It also is a metaphor for the integrity with which Leif has pursued his career without damage to his originality, spirit and sense of humour - dark and offbeat, but never losing sight of the fun. His other releases, usually as part of the Firework stable, include the book Experiments with Dreams [every toilet should have one so you can laugh and crap at the same time] and one of the finest CDs ever recorded, Talking to a Dead Queen [1996]. For Ash he contributed to Antitrade [1999], and co-authored The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland [Ash 3.3, 1996] with CM von Hausswolff.

UGN [Oven]

In the oven the porridge cooking

Two actors worked furiously

Intense and violent

Everything painted orange

Glass porcelain smashed

Tools used

Sledge hammer spit club

27 girls dressed in white

The porridge still cooking when the actors left

Bits and pieces


UGN was recorded in December 1984 at EMS in Stockholm for the performance 'UGN' at Fylkingen Stockholm on January 12th 1985 UGN was first released as a 12" by Radium 226.5 in 1986 [RAFE 016-46]]

MAT [Food]

Repeated four times during one evening

On the border between sleep and waking

Ten actors with false beards in bed

Fed with potatoes during the acts

Eating sleeping pills

Drinking Whisky in the breaks

A fight against indolence

Movements rapidly changing

Between intensity and stillness

A dog dressed like a sheep

MAT was recorded during Spring 1989 at EMS for the performance 'MAT' at Moderna Dansteatern in Stockholm on May 19th 1989." [label info / creidts]