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MARUTTI, ANDREA & FAUSTO BALBO - Detrimental Dialogue

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: AFE Records afe127cd / Boring Machines bm023
Release Year: 2010
Note: first collaborative release by these long active Italian arists (ANDREA MARUTTI = AMON; FAUSTO BALBO = ex DER TOD); vivid analog drones & experimental glitch audio architecture
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

More Info

"Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo have met in 2005 at Lab12 in Vigevano; both active in music making since more than fifteen years, their friendship has grown over the years on the fertile ground of the interest that they share about electronic experimentation and their wide and open-minded listening habits.

"Detrimental Dialogue", their very first collaboration, deeply explores various types of analogue and digital synthesis (additive, subtractive, Physical Modeling, FM, Phase Distortion, Granular, etc.) and live electronics elements.

Recorded together in the authors' studios and then worked out in seclusion between 2007 and 2009, the tracks on "Detrimental Dialogue" were subsequently redefined during a one-week long collective mixing session rigorously made with analogue equipment and precious outboard effects at Fausto Balbo's studio.

The album presents four experimental electronic pieces whose exact classification eludes us since their musical contents are rich of the most disparate suggestions.

In a formula full of its own natural-born personality, we find elements that recall prominent experimental forms - sometimes pseudo-abstract - rich of fragments, loops and "clusters" of sounds that bear a pronounced and exhibited synthetic matrix.

"Atmospheric", dilated and generally quiet sequences are alternated with more structured, dramatic and progressive moments that shake the listeners and emotionally involve them with a more orthodox path, without giving way to conventional or stereotyped solutions.

The artwork created by Stefano "Sicksoul" Rossetti enrich this nice work offering an "alien" rendition of the music, and once again "Space Is the Place"!" [label info]