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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mille Plateaux MP 303
Release Year: 2010
Note: fourth album; experimental glitch-ambience in the way of R. IKEDA or ALVA NOTO, surprising arrangements & sounds
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"The 4th album by french producer KABUTOGANI is his most conceptual to date. Made entirely of mostly rhythmic glitch sounds (aka Clicks & Cuts), the album still has traces of melodies or tones - unlike many other minimal glitch productions. The cold, dry and noisy sound transports an almost morbid atmosphere. Experimental electronic music seldomly was so full of feelings - rather inconvenient ones, but feelings. This is what makes this album special. //
Das vierte Album des franzsischen Produzenten KABUTOGANI ist sein konzeptionell und musikalisch ausgereiftestes. Obwohl ausschlielich auf meit perkussiven Glitch-Sounds (auch Clicks & Cuts genannt) basierend, finden sich - anders als bei vielen anderen minimalistischen Glitch-Produktionen - in jedem Stck Spuren von Melodien oder Tonalitt. Der kalte, trockene und rauschige Sound transportiert eine beinahe morbide Atmostphre. Selten war experimentelle elektronische Musik so voller Gefhle - wenn auch eher Gefhle der unbequemeren Art." [label info]


"Kabutogani is from France and the russian word on the cover means Vector. Maybe he likes his art to be Russian, as the package is red, black and white, like an El Lissitzky painting. This is fourth album, but my first introduction to his work. In the press release, Mille Plateaux, refer to some of their old stable to sell this album: Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, SND, Vladislav Delay, Pan Sonic (and, to be fair, also to Machinefabriek, which link is hard to be made). Music that is not at all alike that of Ametsub, as Kabutogani plays the harsher card of click and cuts. His beats are gritty, noisy, distorted, feeding it through digital effect processors (I have to be careful here, I know). In all of his tracks - twelve in total - there is some sense of melody, but usually kept in the background. Like Mille Plateaux, Kabutogani knows his classics too, and especially Pan Sonic seem to have a profound influence on him, but I give Kabutogani the benefit of a doubt, like the relaunched
Mille Plateaux itself." [FdW /Vital Weekly]