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Format: pic-7"
Label & Cat.Number: Dirter Promotions DPROM 83
Release Year: 2010
Note: two instrumental pieces, lim. 350 picture-disc
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.50

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"Last year Dirter released "Fiends With A Face" documenting the first step of James Johnston and Philippe Petit, and this time the French "musical travel-agent" teams up with Throbbing Gristle's legendary Cosey Fanni Tutti. The instrumental pieces "Mist While Sleeping" & "Invisible Whispers" were recorded a long time ago and then manufactured as unique vinyl units which Philippe Petit used during his musical sets. After many playing, their texture was gradually changing and as a result, there was an
alteration in the sound . To your ears will come an echo of the past with the vinyls' warm cracklings... On ''Mist while sleeping'', Philippe decided to take advantage of the
patina of age to elaborate a peculiar sound texture. However to emphasize the aging on the piece ''Invisible whispers'', Philippe resorted to sand paper. It was therefore only natural to release the pieces on vinyl to give the chance to all of us in turn to enjoy the organic maturation in sound that time will slowly develop...the decision to pick Cosey Fanni Tutti has flourished overnight because of her other-worldly timbre which brings a delicate, poetic touch, both human and hazy, as if a mermaid were whispering her spell-binding ballad to our ears...This beautiful picture disc 7" is limited to just 350 copies worldwide and demand is sure to outstrip supply." [label info]