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GREENAWAY, PETER - 4 American Composers

Format: DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Les Films du Paradoxe EDV 311
Release Year: 2010
Note: four 55 min. long documentary films made 1983 by the British master of art-filming: PHILIP GLASS; ROBERT ASHLEY; JOHN CAGE; MEREDITH MONK; PAL Zone 2
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"Produced by Revel Guest. Directed by Peter Greenaway. New York, N.Y.: Mystic Fire Video, 1991. Originally produced by Transatlantic Films in 1985. Vol. 1: John Cage. Vol. 2: Philip Glass. Vol. 3: Meredith Monk. Vol. 4: Robert Ashley. 'Based on London performances under the aegis of the New York/Almeida Festival, this set of four one-hour documentaries, originally produced in 1983, introduced these avant-garde Composers and their music to general audiences. Compared to Meredith Monk and Robert Ashley, John Cage and Philip Glass are household names, yet their relative fame frequently turns on the persistence of misconceptions. All too often, even scholars who might be expected to know better, portray Cage as either charlatan or nihilist. Critics in the 1980s tagged Glass's music as classical music for people who don't like classical music, suggesting his shrewd exploitation of the yuppie market. Director Peter Greenaway and producer Revel Guest weave representative musical excerpts with interviews to present the personalities more accurately, and, in so doing, establishes a broader context for listening. Perhaps the most striking revelation of these documentaries is that such notorious iconoclasts are so soft-spoken in person (compared to the shy, halting Ashley, the loquacious Monk seems downright assertive)." [publishing house info]