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TAMAGAWA - Plus tard, le meme jour...

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: No Echo Records NE-011
Release Year: 2010
Note: first album by this French project known from his powerful one-man performances, here much more harmonic & subtle between post-rock melancholia and hypnotizing ambience (working mainly with guitars & synths); nice cover, lim. 500
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"quite varied, from warm washed out ambient
dreaminess, to buzzing crumbling drones, to
squiggly spaciness, to gorgeous glistening sun
baked post rock, to reverb drenched guitar drift, to thick super distorted dirgedrone, and each of those allowed to shift and shimmer, change shape, and alter sound, transform from one into the other, and then back again, the drone is definitely the root of the music here, but even that is sometimes relegated to whirring way off in the distance, while harmonics sparkle and rhythms shuffle, but just as often, the drone wipes the slate clean, and all the OTHER elements drift and whirl in the
background while the drone rumbles and buzzes." [label info]


"The name Tamagawa sounds Japanese, and perhaps the musician is? I don't know. Somehow I don't think he or she is. Although the music is easy to access in terms of listening, its not easy to describe. And precisely, I guess, because of the easy character of the music. Tamagawa plays ambient music, but not of the kind that stretches out long sustaining chords on a rusty analog synthesizers, but relatively short pieces, using keyboards, guitars and sound effects (I think, its not mentioned on the cover). Melancholic music, with chords in minor, a bit drone based at times on the keyboards (in 'La Vache Bariolee'), but also with a nice open strumming on the guitar here and there, such as the Durutti Column like 'Bonheur Animal'. The press text mentions some post apocalyptic scenery in which this music is perceived best, but of course such a scenery is far away as far as I'm concerned when listening to this bunch. Its totally harmless music, but something that fits a winter scenery quite
well. Slow beautiful music for a slow season. Harmless, but that's not to be understood in a negative way. Harmless beauty. Nothing new, but done with great care." [FdW / Vital Weekly]