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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - The Year 25 - 25 years of Korm Plastics

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Korm Plastics KP 2525
Release Year: 2010
Note: lovely 25 year anniversary release on MC (the format it all began with), with previously unreleased material by ILLUSION OF SAFETY, RICHARD FRANCIS (ESO STEEL), MIRKO UHLIG, ASMUS TIETCHENS, Z'EV, IDEA FIRE COMPANY, FREIBAND, THE HATERS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, EDWARD KA-SPEL, MACHINEFABRIEK, JOS SMOLDERS, PETER DUIMELINKS, HOWARD STELZER, RAYMON DIJKSTRA; etc. each track is 2:50 min, lim. 250 copies!!!
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More Info

"In October 1984 Korm Plastics officially started by releasing the 'Katacombe Vol. 3' sampler. Now, 25 years, to mark this occasion Korm Plastics releases a compilation cassette, again. Each artist got two minutes and fifty seconds to fill, and there are twenty-five artists. Limited to 250 copies on blue tape, with on-body print, cover designed by Meeuw. All exclusive tracks by: Jos Smolders, Howard Stelzer, Machinefabriek, KK Null, Radboud Mens, Big City Orchestra, Edward Ka-spel, Ben Gwilliam, The Tobacconists, Francisco Lopez, Peter Duimelinks, The Haters, Freiband, Z'EV, Raymond Dijkstra, Asmus Tietchens, Idea Fire Company, Mirko Uhlig, Roel Meelkop, Richard Francis, Jason Zeh, Silverman, Illusion Of Safety, Pick-up and Stephan Mathieu. A fine mixture of microsound, noise and popmusic." [label info]


"To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his important sound art label Korm Plastics, owner of the label, Frans De Waard has compiled a number of artists from the outer limits of musical expression. For the novice listener of the Dutch label, the compilation "The year 25 - 25 years Korm Plastics" gives a nice introduction to the span of releases from the label from its birth in 1984 to the presence. Korm Plastics originally began its explorations into contemporary electronic music as a cassette-only label, so what could be more natural than celebrating its 25 years of existence by releasing exclusively on that media. Another interesting thing about the idea of releasing is of course the old-fashioned cassette-media and its sharp contrast to the modern sound expressions that is presented on the compilation. Through the selection of old and new artists, the expression on the overall compilation sounds like the "state of the (sound) art", probably because the main part of the artists presented here are people from the front of the sound art scene. Thus we find contributions from artists such as Francisco Lopez, Asmus Tietchens and Z'EV among many interesting artists. Peaks of the compilation comes with contributions from Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), with his piece of strange voice samples combined with field recording and distant noises. Also Freiband impresses with two artistic noise-pieces constantly interchanging between abrasive sounds and silence with interventions of ultra-short pulses pushing in. Excellent ambient piece comes from Mirko Uhlig with his beautiful drone-piece combined with eastern tablas reminiscent of Coil due to the trippy atmospheres. Just a few peaks mentioned on an album that has so many great moments, and represents the perfect celebration of the essential Dutch label Korm Plastics." [NM / Vital Weekly]