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WISHART, TREVOR - Fabulous Paris. A Virtual Oratorio

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Trevor Wishart TW03
Release Year: 2007
Note: hard to find self-released CD of the complete version (3 movements) of this newer WISHART work dealing with "our collective and individual experience of the mass industrial society"; incl booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"This 3-movement, secular oratorio explores our collective and individual experience of the mass industrial society in which we live, through the medium of the human voice. The source material for the first movement, 'The Division of Labor', is based on a text from Adam Smith's 'The Wealth of Nations', describing the division of labour in a Scottish pin factory spoken in a Glaswegian accent. The division of labour is then applied to the voice in a series of variations in the digital domain (e.g. resynthesis of the melodic-contour of the speech, canon-hocketing the time-shrunk syllables, texturing fragments cut from the tails of the syllables, generating 'choral' textures from 'iteration' of groups of material, etc.). In the second movement, 'Angel' a woman remembers some of those inconsequential yet special experiences which define an individual life. The oratoio ends with the voices of Neil Armstrong, President Kennedy, Adolph Hitler and many others in 'Fabulous Paris'. Approaching that exciting yet frightening labyrinth of information and experience which is the modern mega-city, 'Fabulous Paris' is first encountered as the prize destination on an American TV game show, but soon becomes the mysterious city of our dreams, hopes and fears." [from the credit notes]