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DIRAC - Emphasis

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: SPEKK KK: 021
Release Year: 2009
Note: comes in oversized & book-shaped hardcover-design; second album for this very good project from Vienna
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.50

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"Our way to create a record is based on the simple principle of direct-recording which means the shape and form of our music is basically created within one moment. It is not only about meeting in a studio to do the recordings, but to stay together at one place with a focus on creating music and concentrated listening each day. The isolation from other musical inputs and the reduced input in general, being far off from bigger cities, far off an everyday-live takes you to the point when you dont want to sound like something you know, you just want to search, experiment and play. John Cage said, that experimental music is where the outcome cant be foreseen. These things happen through passion and not ambition.

For emphasis, we again went to Salzburg, where we could set up our gear in the basement of Florians parents house for one week the same place we recorded our first album dirac. We recorded about 4 hours everyday , experimenting with different materials and instruments. We later listened to the results at the studio garnison7 in Vienna and did more editing work in a small hut up in the snowy austrian mountains in February 2008 it was cold, electricity was short, but it was silent.

The record contains many details that have personal aural connections to us. The bell which reappears on emphasis is an old-cuckoo-clock from the hut. The crows that fly away are a field-recording from viennas augarten park we went in there during the night and triggered the birds with a short lightimpuls from a flash light. The kids playing were recorded in a village in northern India were Daniel and Peter spent some time doing field-recordings. The trumpet appearing in Bantu was recorded by Peter on a frozen mountain lake in Austria thereby the natural reverb of the valley is transferred onto the record. The cover-picture shows the roof of an old abandoned farming-house, close to the mountain hut where we worked on the record." [Peter Kutin, DIRAC]