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ANAPHORIA - Footpaths and Trade Routes

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ini.Itu # 0902
Release Year: 2009
Note: aka KRAIG GRADY, an "Ethnographic Surrealist" from Australia performing on selfmade instruments; numbered ed. 250 copies, beautiful cover art
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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"ini.itu is releasing the third LP of its catalogue, a 3 tracks album assembled by Kraig Grady under the moniker Anaphoria.
Kraig Grady is a composer and a sound artist. He has been described by David Toop as an Ethnographic Surrealist. Born in California in 1952 ( of Ojibwe Indian ascent ) , now residing in Australia where as a citizen of Anaphoria he is responsible for the Austronesian Outpost of Anaphoria and one of its most prominent organs, the Office of Cultural Liaisons. After mercurial composition studies (a.o with Byong-Kon Kim) and improvising for a while under the inspiration of Stockhausens ensemble works, an epiphanic performance of Harry Partch's U. S. Highball that he attended in 1976 led him to unexplored paths. The meeting of Erv Wilson, another pioneer of microtonalism, opened for him the door to alternative tunings with Erv Wilsons elaborate system of hexanies and larger multi-dimensional tonal geometries. This led him to
compositions in the just intonation resources of Wilson's combination-product sets and meta-slendro. Kraig Grady also started simultaneously building its own mesotonal / xenharmonic instruments ( metallophones, marimbas, hammered dulcimers and reed organs ) and assembling them into ensembles. His current work makes use of mallet instruments tuned
to Wilson's Meta-Slendro, a greatly expanded Slendro-like scale. His compositions include accompaniments for silent films and shadow puppeteer plays. His works have been presented as part of the LA Philharmonics American Music Weekend as well as New Music America.
The discovery of the island of Anaphoria provided him since the mid 90s the opportunity to make use of a visionary geographic inner space in which the music he wanted to do and share was pre-existent. For extensive information on Anaphoria, please consult the North American Embassy Of Anaphoria Island : www.anaphoria.com
Contrasting with his ensemble compositions, this ini.itu LP presents 2 solo compositions inspired by the traditions of Anaphoria and one meta-track assembled from multiple ensemble takes. With tunes strongly reminiscent of gamelan instruments, the album unfurl elegant and refined tracks of hypnotic and nocturnal beauty, rich with soothing and gloomy
overtones. This album fills the room with simultaneously austere, restrained and peacefully complex reverberations,
suspending the sense of time.
So, where you could file this record ? : next to Lou Harrison, Ben Johnston, LaMonte Young and Harry Partch if you opt for the
contemporary/minimalist leanings; or side by side with Nonesuch Explorer south-east asian gamelan records, for obvious reasons.
Alternatively, it would not seem wrong to find it a place next to isolationist bands such as Seefeel, Main, Rapoon, or Zoviet France, if
youre responsive to its dark ambient and ritual tinges." [label info]